How high can I fill the skip?

The skip must be loaded level with the top of the skip, and in a neat tidy manner so that waste does not fall off in transit. Overloaded skips can be subject to the driver refusing to collect and a wasted journey charge being billed.

What size skip do I need?

Skips come in a wide range of sizes depending on your needs. Please see our Skip hire page for more details or give us a call on 01278 422899 for more information or advice.

What can I put in a skip?

Lots of things! But it’s actually easier to say what can’t be put in. If you order a soil & stones skip then no other waste is allowed or a mixed waste charge will apply. For general mixed waste skips we have a list of items that we can’t accept or come with an extra charge, these include: Hazardous wastes (asbestos etc), Animal waste, Oils / Liquids / Chemicals, Fluorescent tubes, Tyres, Paints, Fridges / Freezers, TVs / PC Monitors, Air conditioning units, Tree roots, plasterboard, soffit board / cement board. If in doubt give us a call to avoid any unexpected charges.

Does the cost of the skip include delivery, collection and waste disposal?

Yes, as long as nothing unexpected is put into the skip and we aren’t turned away from site as a wasted journey.

How long can I have the skip for?

2 weeks is a typical hire. This can be extended under certain circumstances. Speak to our members of staff if this is required so we don’t collect your skip before you’re ready. Longer hire periods may incur and extra charge.

Do you recycle the waste or tip it all into landfill?

This is a common worry of people and rightly so. Long gone are the days of just tipping all skips to landfill. We bring most of the waste to our fully licensed Waste Transfer Station. We sort through and reuse, recycle or recover as much waste as possible. See out Recycling page for more details on what happens to your waste.

What happens if there is damage to my property from the skip placement?

All our drivers are trained in the correct placement of a skip and how to overcome many of the problems they may encounter. Although we take every precaution to avoid any instances we are unable to accept liability for any damage caused. We ask that the customer direct the driver to place the skip and if needed use boards on delicate driveways to help reduce the chances of damage. Avoid placing skips near over hanging trees for example.

Can I request a delivery or collection time?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the work we do it is not possible to give accurate service times. We do allow people to request an AM or PM, or perhaps first job in the morning. Although please be mindful not everyone can be put first on the list!

Will the lorry fit on my drive?

We need a minimum of 3m width for access for the lorry. It is also worth being aware of other obstacles such as: weak man hole cover, over hanging trees, low hanging power cables or overhanging roofs / walls.