We have the ability to excavate trenches with minimal disruption to ground, whether we are working in a field or a garden.

At Erwin Rhodes we aim to identify precisely where the least amount of digging will deliver the best results and the lowest level of disruption to the property owner.

Using chain trenchers we can identify the width and depth of trench required to meet the customer's needs.

Our equipment, managed by skilled operatives can create accurate and clean cut trenches, which are very exact in size and will also create a firm and even trench base.

Laser levels are used to create the right falls for drainage trenches.

Uses for Trenches include:

  • Laying water pipes
  • Electrics
  • Gas
  • Land-drainage
  • Sports field drainage
  • Golf course drainage
  • Orchard drainage

For more information on our trenching service and for a quote please contact us.